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What We Provide

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Trauma Scene

Gross Filth Cleanup



Here at ATSC we provide the following services: Trauma/Crime Scene Cleanup- Cleaning & decontamination of all biohazardous material, Viral & Bacterial Decontamination- Process that destroys & removes infectious agents/diseases, School Decontamination- Removal of infectious agents & diseases throughout premises, Hoarder/Gross Filth Cleanup- Cleaning & Decontamination of filth, debris, fecal matter, bodily fluid & foul odor, Urgent Care Deep Cleaning- Disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces, equipment, and walls, Lead & Gunpowder Cleanup- Removal, cleaning, and disposal of all lead & gunpowder, Immuno Compromised Preparation Cleaning- Preparatory cleaning and disinfection of entire area.  

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