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I had recently lost my love one due to suicide. My daughter sent me All Trauma Scene Cleanup information so I called. To say the least they not only helped remove the physical evidence and constant reminder what had happened in my home but they took it even further and helped me with any questions I had and pointed me in the next direction. Thank you ATSC for all you've done for me and my family.

Nicole Whittenly


ATSC, first and foremost thank you. You truly did everything in your power to make this terrible time better. On behalf of the Johnson family thank you and we wish you the best. Please continue to help family's in need like ours.

Ken Johnson


Lin Zhang

Hearing your husband pass away in your home after 55 years is something I never wanted to hear. I want to express my gratitude to the team at All Trauma Scene Cleanup. This was no easy task and yet you went above and beyond and made me feel loved and cared for while I employed you and your services. To this day they still call and check in on me. I cant express enough how genuine these people are. 

Sincerely, Lin Zhang


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